Christmas is coming! Guitar stuff to induldge in

17 Dec

Wow I completely forgot about this blog…ooops. I’ll hopefully be posting more here in the new year to make up for my neglect although not sure how many people have actually visited the site.

I want to treat myself this Christmas and stock up on guitar accessories. On my list of things to buy is: (deep breath) Good capo, string winder, clip on tuner, string cleaner, new guitar stand, new gig bag, high quality leads, set of awesome looking picks, try to find the best reverb pedal and looper pedal deals, and lastly a few different straps.

For some of them I’m probably going to follow the recommendations found here as they are really cheap and have some good customer reviews on Amazon, which is what I always look for before buying stuff. I know Christmas is a time for giving but I’ll hopefully receive a nice paycheck from work at the start of January (bit annoying I can’t afford anything now).

Anyway on the guitar front, I bought two more over the past few months and I’m so happy with them. One acoustic and one electric, making my new total owned count up to 6! I’m slightly worried I’m getting obsessed with collecting them so for now I’m going to chill out and add to my accessory count. Oh yeah forgot I’m also going to get some steel finger picks and a slider! See without this blog I might have forgotten those and I’ve been meaning to learn how to use them both properly after messing about with a friends equipment.

So you’ll hopefully be hearing more from me in the new year and I don’t slack off again. If you don’t, then have a good xmas and hope your year has been as good as mine 🙂

Here’s some Andy Mckee on the house



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