Best Electric Guitars You Might Not Be Familiar With

2 Sep

Reading back over my last blog entry it seemed a little vague so apologies for that, I found it harder than I realised to try and pick out my favourite guitars by model rather than manufacturer. In this post I’ll try and list what I consider the underrated best electric guitars made by the two big names.

Fender Jaguar:  Alright maybe not that non-mainstream but it’s still nowhere near as common as strats and teles. A commonly seen six-string on the indie music scene, made popular again in the past couple decades by the likes of Cobain and Sonic Youth, it has a particular sound and style that works so well with this type of grunge/muddy sounding music (the first Jaguar was made in 1962 but was played for a very different type of sound – surf!)

Price conscious alternative: Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH – A lower priced alternative to the original beast is of course made by Squier, can find a good write up of it here:

Gibson L6-S: Far more of an obscure guitar than the previous entry, a very understated and underrated axe that looks like a Les Paul that’s put on a little bit of weight and shrunk a few inches in height, which isn’t necessarily a negative, I think it looks pretty cool, although it’s going to be one that splits opinions for sure. Here’s a pic

Price conscious alternative: Struggled with this one, could only really suggest grabbing an Epiphone LP, check out their range to see if anything takes your fancy. You can’t really go too wrong if you are looking for lower priced Gibson guitars as their build quality has increased by quite a large amount and their mid-ranged things really can compete with lower end parent company guitars.

So that’s my top picks of the more off-the-grid guitars. I’ll leave you with this awesome video I can’t believe I hadn’t seen until now, this guy has some crazy skills, was a lot of fun to watch through naming all the songs and trying to remember what guitar they were played on. Give it a go, I managed to name 98 of the songs and about half the models they were played on. If only I could play as well as this man though, it’s both motivating and massively disheartening when you watch something like this, you realise just how far off you are from reaching that standard…but I digress, it’s a fun video :p




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