Favorite Guitars

30 Aug

Whe-hey! My first blog entry. Classed as an A-grade guitar fanatic, I’m going to write up some of my favorite guitars and why.

Fender Stratocaster:

Pretty much the wordlwide symbol of the instrument (followed by a Les Paul). Guarantee almost every players list of favorites would include the Strat in some form. It’s the one that started it all, almost every other company has a body that is a strat clone, and why? Because the design works. It’s a perfect shape for players no matter the playing style. If you have the money, choosing which guitar to buy is tough because the Fender Strat has so many different choices, although most made in the 70’s are considered lesser to the earlier and more modern builds. In fact, I think I overstate the cost, you can now get Mexican made real Strats for a very good price and they are still very good guitars.

Gibson Les Paul:

Perhaps the biggest rival to Fenders main offering, The Les Paul seems more aimed towards more rock guitarists (Slash, Jimmy Page – list could go on for pages), However, ironically when orginally created it was intended to be played clean which is quite fascinating. Of course now Gibson have catered more towards the heavier tones people want and offer some fantastic reissues of the earlier classics. I own an Epiphone Ultra II and I love it to bits, obviously a cheaper guitar copy of the Les Paul but who cares it sounds great!

PRS Special:

Probably the biggest newcomer on the scene, they’ve built up a solid reputation and are endorsed by several highly respected musicians. Although quite pricey, they are top quality guitars and have a great looking design and range of colors. When I make some more money a Special 22 is next on my constantly added to list of guitars I’m going to buy! Tehy don’t have the history of the first two big names listed so time will tell how good these things actually are.


Wasn’t sure which guitar from their collection to choose from, but Ibanez are another brand that have built up a solid reputation through some good signature models, such as the Slipknot guitarist. Compared with the other three, Ibanzes have been more experimental in the body shapes, offering jagged and striking products that are sure to catch your eye. Great for heavier music they pack a punch with their pickups and can be foundat many different price ranges, although the lower end have recieved some critisism for build quality.

These are just a few of my favorite guitars, lots more coming soon and I’ll be writing content on other things axe related so stay tuned!


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